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Pair of Krait RCA Cables (6 in - 10 ft)

Pair of Krait RCA Cables (6 in - 10 ft)

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Our mid-range Krait RCA cables use REAN RCA connectors and 0.22 mm² (24 AWG) SOMMER cable for a durable feel and transparent sound.

Sold as a Left and Right pair.

Length is measured from tip-to-tip of the actual conductor itself, excluding the connectors. The 6" cable is too short to have labels, but they don't matter at such a short length. 

Our 6" Krait RCA cables are about 2" shorter than the 6" Schiit PYST cables and are the best option for a Modi/Magni stack.

Our cables are made to order and typically take 1-2 days to ship.

We ship globally.

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