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Mini-Link Loki for Schiit Modi + Loki + Magni/Vali Stack

Mini-Link Loki for Schiit Modi + Loki + Magni/Vali Stack

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This version is not compatible with the new Magni+ or Vali 3, for a Magni+/Vali 3 compatible Mini-Link click HERE.

The Snake Oil Sound Hardwood "Mini-Link" Interconnect for Modi + Loki + Magni/Vali is a slick alternative to RCA interconnect cables.

You have the choice between walnut and black-dyed hardwood. They are CNC machined out of natural, unstained hardwood.

Don't worry if the RCA connectors on your mini-link are loose, as the wood shell is oversized so the circuit board inside can flex to avoid damaging your stack's connectors.

If you have an older generation Magni (1 or 2), you will need to replace its feet so the "Mini-Link" will fit. To minimize waste, one set of feet is included for free by request. Just send us a message after you order and we'll include it in the box.  Extra feet are available in our store.

Our products are all assembled by hand in the US, and as such, may have minor surface finish variations from unit-to-unit.

We ship globally.

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